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Car window tinting service in Hamilton and Rotorua

Car window tinting service in Hamilton

Car window tinting

Dr. Tint is one of the leading car window tinting service providers in Hamilton and Rotorua. We offer the best car window tinting and car wrapping service at the best price to our customers and maintain a service guarantee. Our tinting service increases the driver’s safety and passenger’s comfort. We use only the highest quality window tint film which helps to reduce heat and block out damaging UV rays up to 99%.

As we all know there are many benefits of tinting your vehicle’s window. It protects and reduces harmful UV rays. It protects the interior of your car from fading and cracking. Tinting your car window not only helps in reducing the heat and maintaining the temperature inside your car but also gives you privacy without losing your view.

At Dr. Tint, we are a team of experienced professionals and install the only tinting films which are approved as per Government norms. We have been working since 2018 and have 4+ years of industry experience. In this time we have tinted almost every type of vehicle. So you can rest assured that you will get superior UV protection and heat reduction if you install films with us. Many people like the classic look of window tinting, but there are many other benefits to having your car window tinted. Benefits like,

1. Safer driving – Diminishes up to 60% of street glare which makes for less eye strain and exhaustion
2. Locks up to 99% of UV beams – appreciate the view and daylight without the harmful and maturing impacts of light
3. Stop shading blur – without tinted windows, numerous things inside your vehicle are in danger of shading blur.
4. Comfortable and cool - Keeps the exchange of sun based warmth by up to 60% abandoning you agreeable inside your vehicle
5. Security - Tinted windows are an obstacle to would-be criminals; your property inside your vehicle won't be obvious.

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Why choose us for Window Tinting

Reduce interior heat and glare
Reduce interior heat and glare
UV rays
Reduce harmful UV rays by 70-99%
Increase air con efficiency
Increase air-con efficiency
Protection fading cracking
Protect interior from fading/cracking
500+ Vehicles Tinted
4+ Years of Industry Experience
100% Client Satisfaction Rate

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